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Construction Management

As experienced construction managers, True North Construction provides

thorough supervision of all facets of the construction process.

Pre-Construction & Estimating

True North Construction is a valuable partner in the preconstruction stage of a project. True North Construction is able to guide clients from early, schematic levels of design to the finalization of construction documents. True North Construction works with clients through value engineering and estimating to maximize project value per dollar. These services have a positive impact on the finished project by forecasting obstacles, minimizing costly changes, and ensuring a premium finished project.


Accurate job forecasting begins with accurate and comprehensive project scheduling. True North will provide the project team with an established baseline and create monthly schedule updates to track the job’s progress. This schedule will encompass all areas of a project, from permitting, to procurement, to construction, and project closeout.

Image by Eric Rothermel

Communication within the project team is pivotal for project success. True North hosts weekly project meetings with all shareholders. These meetings allow team members to review the progress of the project, as well as foresee and react to potential issues and concerns. Meeting minutes will be distributed post-meeting to provide an overview and tracking mechanism for what was discussed.


True North Construction creates a dedicated Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) plan for each project to mitigate quality issues and deliver an on-time, on-budget, superior quality project. True North utilizes first inspections and benchmark inspections to confirm approved materials are being used and accepted construction practices are being followed. 


For every True North project, safety is paramount. A site-specific safety plan is developed, daily safety inspections are completed, and the project team is OHSA 30 certified. True North enforces PPE standards across all projects and holds everyone that enters the jobsite to sign in and wear full PPE.

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